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Reference Letter from BIG - BJARKE INGELS GROUP:

I had the pleasure of working w/ Miguel on the 'Grove at Grand Bay' whom was brought on to complete one of the more challenging, and most aesthetically critical, components of the Project - the "Ribbon Canopy"...which is a complex concrete structure designed to loop over itself creating a sun/rain screen for residents at the vehicular drop-off. 

While most FRP Concrete Contractors were intimidated by the structures geometry and focused pre-con discussions about what they couldn't do, Miguel approached the project with a 'can-do' attitude and demonstrated an impressive understanding of the design intent and the technical means-and-methods to do so. That being said, our expectations were fully achieved resulting in one of the more impressive concrete structures in South Florida! 

I look forward to the day I get to collaborate with Miguel again who has my high recommendation for all.

Greg Knobloch, BIG Designer at the "Grove at Grand Bay" Project


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