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Reference Letter from Bermello Ajamil & Partners, Inc.:

It’s been an outstanding experience been working with C&ID, as part of the Team at the Airport Link Metro Rail Extension, for the entire duration of the Project.

I can ensure you that I’ve seen the Company had the required skills, as a Shell Subcontractor,
throughout all of these years that I supervise their Structural work.

Their knowledge, expertise and positive attitude are one of a kind, difficult to come upon. The way they worked is incomparable fit, not only with their subcontractors and their own co-workers; they made it excellent in gaining trust, respect and value from the Client and Architect.

Their hands on approach to all challenges, came across during the performance of the work assignments and related daily duties, which enabled them be proficient, multitasking and problems solver, which empowered them to have always a solution for difficulties initially seemed overwhelming.

C&ID was always efficient, no matter the difficulties encountered while performing. In the field they were meticulous, detail oriented and always setting quality at the highest standards.

There were no task were they didn’t rest until the problem was solved, nevertheless most of the time multiple outside contacts were required in order to have suitable solutions to all parties, always thinking “out of the box”.

Therefore, it is to the best of my knowledge and professional judgment that C&ID is an excellent asset for any Company interested in obtain outstanding results of any piece of work assigned to them.

Arturo M Roas, Sr. Associate / Project Manager

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