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Reference Letter from ZAHNER:

In 2010 and 2011, Our Company was awarded a design build contract to construct 3 large canopies at the Miami Intermodal Center in Miami, Florida. Our work directly interfaced with the concrete support and platform structures installed by Miguel Estivill and Classical & Innovative Designs, Inc. (C&ID).


These canopies were a highly engineered state of the art system that required custom steel embeds installed to an exacting degree of accuracy. ZAHNER designed and fabricated these steel embeds and C&ID installed them. Through multiple design review meetings, site planning meetings, and mockups ZAHNER and C&ID were able to complete this portion of the project on time and well within the required tolerances.


Throughout this process, Miguel and his team showed exceptional creativity and a willingness to develop unique approaches to the construction process. C&ID were always professional to work with and were more than willing to participate in all forms of design review and development.

If opportunities to work with them were to arise in our future, ZAHNER would not hesitate to

partner with C&ID.


Tom Zahner, Vice President

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